Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 21 November 2014

Ethics and Integrity Initiative: First Stage Policy Proposals

  1. The Board acknowledges the Audit and Ethics Committee’s recommendation of policy principles arising from the First Stage of the Ethics and Integrity Initiative, as set forth in GF/B32/18 – Revision 1.
  2. Accordingly, the Board approves:
    1. The Ethics and Integrity Framework contained in Annex A to GF/B32/18 – Revision 1; and
    2. The proposal for creation of a dedicated and independent ethics function led by an Ethics Officer, as described in Annex B to GF/B32/18 – Revision 1.
  3. The Board furthermore requests the Audit and Ethics Committee to develop the following for the Board’s approval at its Thirty-Third Meeting:
    1. A Terms of Reference, reporting line and resourcing for the Global Fund ethics function, developed in consultation with the Finance and Operational Performance Committee; and
    2. A Code of Ethical Conduct for Governance Officials, developed in consultation with all Board constituencies, and based on the Global Fund’s core ethical values and the principles contained in Annex C to GF/B32/18 – Revision 1.