Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 01 April 2015

Ethics and Integrity: Reporting and Location Arrangements for the Ethics Officer

  1. The Board approves a reporting arrangement for the Ethics Officer as follows:
    1. The Ethics Officer will report on its activities directly to the Board through the Committee responsible for ethics matters (the "Committee").
    2. The Ethics Officer will provide regular advice and support:
      1. To the Executive Director on ethical matters pertaining to the Secretariat's activities, including issues related to grant recipients, CCMs, third-party providers (e.g., LFAs and suppliers) and staff. Based on the Ethics Officer's advice, the Executive Director will determine and implement appropriate remedial actions.
      2. To the Committee on all other ethical matters not included in paragraph 1(b)(i) above. Based on the Ethics Officer's advice, the Committee will determine appropriate remedial actions.
    3. The Ethics Officer will be located within the Office of the Inspector General for administrative purposes only.