Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 27 April 2007

Funding of Country Coordinating Mechanisms

As a temporary measure, the Board decides that the two-year limit on funding for Country Coordinating Mechanisms contained in GF/B11/2, p. 12, Decision Point 2 (the "CCM Funding Decision") shall not apply to CCMs whose funding expires prior to 31 December 2007. In such circumstances, the Board authorizes the continued payment of grant funds to the CCM, provided that the funding:

- complies with the requirements of the CCM Funding Decision, other than the otherwise applicable two-year limit;

- is disbursed at a similar rate as that at which funding was disbursed during the preceding two-year funding period; and

- expires not later than (i) the ending date of the proposal term of a grant that the CCM is overseeing; and (ii) 31 December 2007, whichever is earlier.