Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 27 April 2007

Amendment to Section 12 of the Board Operating Procedures

To allow RCC funding decisions to be made on a 'no-objection' basis, the Board amends Section 12 of the Board Operating Procedures as follows:

"12. No-Objection Process

Notwithstanding Sections 10 and 11, decisions by the Board to provide funding for approved proposals beyond the initial funding commitment or for proposals requesting continued funding for grants that are reaching the end of their funding terms may be made on a no-objection basis under the following process.

As directed by the Board, the Secretariat shall issue a request for decision action on each funding commitment for which a Board decision is required, and shall notify the Board accordingly. Unless four Board members of one of the voting groups described in Section 10 object to the requested decision within a time period specified by the Board following the date of notification, the requested decision shall be deemed approved by the Board."