Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 23 April 2024

Quality Assurance Policy for Vector Control Products

Based on the recommendation of the Strategy Committee, the Board:

  1. approves the Quality Assurance Policy for Vector Control Products and Related Equipment as set forth in Annex 1 to GF/B51/05;
  2. requests the Secretariat to work with the World Health Organization (WHO) to establish an Expert Review Panel for Vector Control Products as described in the Policy, and to conclude the necessary arrangements with WHO; and
  3. approves the delegation of authority to the Secretariat, in consultation with the Strategy Committee Chair and Vice Chair, to make non-material adjustments to the Policy in line with Annex 2 to GF/B51/05 and to report back to the Strategy Committee and Board on all such changes.

Additionally, while the Board expects efforts will be made to fully implement the Policy upon its approval, the Board understands that for implementation of certain aspects of the Policy a reasonable transition period may be needed. The Board authorizes the Secretariat to allow for such a transition period when needed.

Budgetary Implications

There are no budgetary implications.

The Expert Review Panel (“ERP”) is funded through the NextGen Market Shaping Strategic Initiative. The Global Fund will work closely with WHO to prioritize products for assessment using the ERP.