Fifth Board Meeting

Board Meeting Decision Point Number Title
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP01 Welcome to New Members Welcome to New Members
<p>A new member of the Board was welcomed; Mr Shigeki Sumi, Deputy Director General of the Department of Multinational Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from Japan. </p><p> Also welcomed was recently designated alternate for the West and Central Africa constituency, Dr Urbain [Olanguena] Awono (OWOENO), Minister of Public Health of Cameroon.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP02 Appointment of Rapporteur Appointment of Rapporteur
The appointment of Rapporteur for the Fifth Board meeting, was designated to the West and Central Africa Board member, Professor Adetokunbo (ADE) Lucas.
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP03 Approval of Agenda Approval of Agenda
<p>The Agenda is adopted with the following amendments: Fiduciary Arrangements will be presented before Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy on Day 1; Day 2 will begin at 8:00 a.m.; delete tracking study from the agenda.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP04 Approval of Report of Fourth Board Meeting Approval of Report of Fourth Board Meeting
<p>The Report of the Fourth Board Meeting was adopted with the following amendments: remove 4E on page 20; correct that the Minister of Rwanda was present not the current listed ministers of Africa; page 34, paragraph 6: delete the last sentence of paragraph 6.</p> <p>It was requested the reports be shorter, with focus on actions and decisions.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP05 Policy on funding of proposals Policy on funding of proposals
<p>1. The Board endorses these principles for funding Round Three grant obligations:</p> <p>a. The Board may approve proposals and commit funds for two years up to the cumulative amount pledged until and including the current year.</p> <p>b. A sufficient amount of cash and/or liquid assets to meet the full cost of two years of implementation of approved grants must be deposited with the Trustee or readily available on demand prior to the Secretariat signing a grant agreement. </p> <p>2. The Board: </p> <p>a. Asks the TRP to refine the recommendations in category 2 in a way that will facilitate the Board's prioritization of proposals for approval and requests the Secretariat, in consultation with the PMPC, to propose criteria* to be agreed by the Board for prioritizing TRP-recommended proposals, if sufficient funds are not available to immediately approve all TRP-recommended proposals.</p> <p>*Based on the Framework Document and the Guidelines for Proposals for the Third Round</p> <p>b. Asks the Secretariat, in consultation with the PMPC, to develop options for prioritizing TRP-recommended Round 3 proposals by the end of July, with information provided to the Board by mid-August, and bring these to the Board for approval at the October Board meeting.</p> <p>3. The Board asked the Secretariat in consultation with the World Bank, other partners, PMPC and MEFA to develop a comprehensive policy on funding of grant obligations, for approval at the October 2003 Board meeting.</p> <p>4. The Board asked the Secretariat in consultation with MEFA to define reserve levels as a contingency to fund successful appeals to be presented to the Board for approval at the October 2003 Board meeting.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP06 TRP Renewal TRP Renewal
<p>The Board approves the following proposal:</p> <ol> <li>The list of persons selected for the TRP by the PMPC and the Executive Director (as in Annex 2).</li> <li>The launch of the TRP renewal process for 2004, on the basis of the recommendations and lessons learned contained in the PMPC report (GF/B5/9).</li> <li>Add a TB specialist to the TRP.</li> </ol>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP07 Fiduciary Arrangements Fiduciary Arrangements
<p>1. The Board endorsed the policies on Fiduciary Arrangements for Grant Recipients as described in the document GF/B5/13 with the following amendments:</p> <p>a. Page 5, paragraph 12: Local Fund Agents must not vs. should not be involved in the design and implementation of the funded programs.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP08 Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy Monitoring and Evaluation Strategy
<p>1. Asks the Secretariat with MEFA to revise the current M&amp;E Strategy document and report to the October Board meeting. </p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP09 By-Laws and Board Operating Procedures By-Laws and Board Operating Procedures
<p>The Board approved the following changes to the Bylaws:</p> <p>1. Article 20: Representation</p> <p>The Chair and Vice Chair (for matters which are within the responsibility of the Foundation Board) and the Executive Director (for matters which are delegated to him/her) are entitled to represent the Foundation in all dealings with third parties.</p> <p>(Option 2) Between Board meetings, the Chair and the Vice Chair acting together, are empowered to take on behalf of the Foundation any decision within the responsibility of the foundation which they consider must be taken urgently without recourse to other procedures as provided in the Bylaws and the Board Operating Procedures. In case no consensus is reached between the Chair and the Vice Chair, the Chair shall take the decision.</p> <p>2. Article 12: The Chair and the Vice Chair of the Board</p> <p>(Option 1)The Foundation Board members will select the Chair and the Vice Chair of the Foundation Board from among their own voting members, provided, that the two positions will alternate between voting groups described in Article 15. The Chair and the Vice Chair will each be elected for a period of two years. </p> <p>The Board also:</p> <p>Confirmed that the terms of office of the incumbent Chair and Vice Chair, at the date of entry into force of these amended bylaws, shall have commenced on the date of their respective election. This decision of the Board is subject to approval of the Bylaws by the Swiss Supervisory Authority.</p> <p>The Board decided to defer the approval of 20.3 Election Procedure of the Board Operating Procedures until the next Board meeting.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP10 Resource Mobilisation Strategy: International Conference to Support the Global Fund Resource Mobilisation Strategy: International Conference to Support the Global Fund
<p>The Board:</p> <p>1. Approved the principle of a regular funding mechanism for the Global Fund.</p> <p>2. Requested the secretariat, with Resource Mobilization Committee input, to develop the outline into a detailed proposal with an action plan to be adopted by the Board at its Sixth Board Meeting in October 2003.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP11 CCMs CCMs
<p>The Board endorsed the document - Guidelines on the Purpose, Structure, and Composition of the Country Coordinating Mechanisms - (Annex 3 of the Report of the Governance and Partnership Committee), and:</p> <ol> <li>Approved the guidelines on CCMs as presented.</li> <li>Requested the Governance and Partnership Committee to continue to monitor the issue of CCMs.</li> <li>Requested the Secretariat to report back on the case studies when the findings of these studies become available.</li> </ol>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP12 Partnership Forum Partnership Forum
<p>The Board took the following decisions:</p> <p>1. Decide on a location for the Forum</p> <p>The location for the Partnership Forum will be ______________ [and the indicative number of participants therefore ____________.]</p> <p>2. Mandate the Chair of the Board to establish a Steering Committee for the Forum.</p> <p>The Chair is mandated to form a Steering Committee.</p> <p>3. Mandate the Secretariat to proceed with a process for contracting a conference organiser for the Forum.</p> <p>The Secretariat is mandated to proceed with the contracting of a conference organiser firm.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP13 Partnership Agreements Partnership Agreements
<p>The Board endorsed the Memoranda of Understanding with UNAIDS and the IADB, and the letter of agreement with the ILO, and requested the Secretariat to provide periodic reports on cooperation between the Fund and these partners.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP14 Annual Report Annual Report
<p>The Board approved the first draft of the 2002 - 2003 Global Fund Annual Report.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP15 Legal Status Update Legal Status Update
<p>The Board:</p> <p>1. Requests the Swiss authorities to examine, with the Federal Council, the possibility of granting privileges and immunities to the Global Fund and its different bodies in Switzerland, equivalent to those granted an international organization, through the conclusion of a headquarters agreement signed with Switzerland.</p> <p>2. Asks the Secretariat to work closely with WHO to record key areas of concern and identify mutually agreed and tangible solutions to improve the functioning of the Administrative Services Agreement to ensure greater administrative efficiencies and independent authority for decisions and actions for the Global Fund.</p> <p>3. Asks the Secretariat to continue to clarify the implications of moving to the status of an Intergovernmental Organization, including how to ensure a strong governance role for the private sector, NGOs and civil society that meets the Global Fund's commitment to the public-private partnership.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP16 Committee Report: MEFA Committee Report: MEFA
<p>The Board adopts the Procurement Policy for the Secretariat as presented.</p> <p>The Board appoints Ernst &amp; Young, Ltd. as external auditor of the Global Fund</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP17 Committee Report: PMPC Committee Report: PMPC
<p>The Board:</p> <p>(a) Approved the Eligibility criteria for the fourth and subsequent rounds of applications to the Global Fund as presented in Part 3 of the PMPC report.</p> <p>(b) Endorsed recommendations related to procurement of Diagnostics and other non-Pharmaceutical products and the quality and monitoring processes. The Board also acknowledged the different operational issues surrounding in-kind donations.</p> <p>(c) Took note of the work and discussions on principles of additionality as well as assistance needed to ensure that Neediest and Poorest countries receive funding from the Global Fund.</p> <p>I think we have consensus on this issue. It is decided as presented. </p> <p>The recommendations were approved as presented.</p>
2003-06-06 B05 GF/B05/DP18 Committee Report: GPC Committee Report: GPC
<p>The Board recognised and thanked Mr Claudio Spinedi for the very valuable contribution he has made to the establishment of the Global Fund and wished him well in his new responsibilities.</p>
2003-08-20 B05 GF/B05/EDP01 Approval of Appeal of the Colombia HIV/AIDS Component Approval of Appeal of the Colombia HIV/AIDS Component
<p>At the Fourth Board Meeting, the Global Fund Board approved an Appeal Mechanism for countries whose proposals had been rejected twice and who where placed in Category 3.</p><p>The Board reviewed these recommendations and endorsed the recommendation for approval of the Colombia HIV/AIDS Component.</p><p>The Colombia proposal is reclassified under Category 2.</p>
2003-09-03 B05 GF/B05/EDP02 Audited Financial Statements 2002 Audited Financial Statements 2002
<p>The Board:</p><ol><li>Notes<span> that </span><span>the Chair andVice Chair of the Board and the Chair of the MEFA Committee have all agreed torequest Board approval of this decision via email;<br/><br/></span></li><li>Having reviewed the external audit and report of the Global Fund’s 2002 Financial Statements, commissioned by the Board at its June Meeting, and since completed by the external auditors, Ernst and Young;<br/><br/></li><li>Having noted the unqualified opinion reached by the auditors;<br/><br/></li><li>Approves the Auditor’s Report andAudited Financial Statements for 2002, prepared by Ernst and Young;<br/><br/></li><li>Approves the 2002 Annual Report for issuance on 22 September 2002 at the United Nations General Assembly.</li></ol>