Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 15 December 2023

Additional Funding from the COVID-19 Response Mechanism

The Board:

  1. Notes its decision in GF/B48/DP03, which approves C19RM funds to be awarded through 
    30 June 2023, with opportunity for subsequent C19RM Portfolio Optimization awards and 
    implemented through 31 December 2025;
  2. Approves the additional funding recommended for each country listed in Table 1 of 
    GF/B50/ER06 (“Table 1”); and
  3. Delegates to the Secretariat authority to redistribute the overall upper ceiling of funding 
    available for each country among its constituent grants, in accordance with previously 
    approved principles under GF/B44/EDP18.

Budgetary Implications

This decision does not have additional budgetary implications for operating expenses.