Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 27 April 2007

Board Decision-Making Procedure for the Rolling Continuation Channel

The Board has approved the establishment of a funding channel (the "Rolling Continuation Channel" or "RCC")1 that provides an opportunity for Country Coordinating Mechanisms ("CCMs")2 to apply for continued funding for high-performing grants that are reaching the end of their funding terms ("expiring grants") under conditions different from those available for proposals submitted as part of new rounds of financing ("rounds-based channel"). The Board approves the following procedure for the Board to make funding decisions for proposals submitted under the Rolling Continuation Channel that the Secretariat has qualified as eligible for the RCC.

1. The Board will consider proposals for RCC funding not more than once every three months, unless the Secretariat determines it is necessary because of exceptional circumstances to present a recommendation to the Board more frequently.

2. The Board will make funding decisions for proposals for RCC funding based on the recommendations of the Technical Review Panel ("TRP"), which will take into account performance data provided by the Secretariat. The TRP will make recommendations to the Board for funding of RCC proposals in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the TRP.

3. The Secretariat will post the TRP's recommendations and supporting documents on the Global Fund website with password protection, will inform Board constituencies via e-mail when it has posted these recommendations, and will provide to them a voting form that will list the recommendations. Notice to Board constituencies of the vote on the TRP's recommendations will be effective upon the transmission of the voting form. For the purposes of Article 7.6 of the By-laws, all Board members will be deemed to be participating in the vote when such notice becomes effective.

4. The Board will vote on the TRP recommendations on RCC funding by e-mail on a "no-objection" basis, in accordance with Section 12 of the Board Operating Procedures and Article 7.6 of the By-laws. Consistent with Board practice for funding decisions made under the rounds-based channel, the Board will consider the totality of the TRP's recommendations.

5. However, if a Board member objects to an individual recommendation from the TRP, he or she will provide to the Secretariat a written explanation of the reasons for such objection. The Secretariat will then promptly make available such explanation to all other Board members and the TRP.

6. For the purposes of Section 12 of the Board Operating Procedures, the time period within which the Secretariat must receive objections in order for them to be counted is ten (10) calendar days after notice of the vote is effective. 

7. If the Board approves the TRP recommendations, that decision will constitute an approval of the entire term of each RCC proposal recommended for funding by the TRP, with a financial commitment for the initial three (3) years of the RCC proposal, with funding for the second phase subject to the approval of the Board based on a mid-term performance review. 

8. If the Board decides not to approve a TRP recommendation, the decision-making process that applies following a Board objection to a TRP recommendation under the Phase-2 Decision-Making Policies and Procedures3, as amended from time to time4, will be followed.

9. Funding recommendations with respect to RCC proposals that have successfully been appealed, in accordance with the Global Fund's Rules and Procedures for Appeals, will come before the Board for decision, in accordance with such Rules and Procedures for Appeals.