Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 27 April 2007

Adoption of the Resource Mobilization Strategy

The Board adopts the Resource Mobilization Strategy contained in the Report of the Policy and Strategy Committee (GF/B15/6), Annex 3, which is based on the recommendation of the Task Team on Resource Mobilization, and commits, where possible, to assisting the Secretariat in executing the strategy to achieve the agreed targets. 

The Board requests the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) to actively monitor the progress against the targets, as stated in the strategy, expected to be achieved as a result of the significant budgetary increase. First year progress against these targets should be fully reviewed by the FAC prior to the Eighteenth Board meeting. Further budget recommendations to support resource mobilization efforts will be presented at the Eighteenth Board meeting dependant on the performance review. 

Budgetary Implications

The material budgetary implications of this decision amount to US$ 5,332,772 in 2007, which includes an allocation for 18.5 positions in 20071.