United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a founding member and long-time partner of the Global Fund. The country is the third largest public donor to the Global Fund, having made a total contribution of GBP 5.5 billion to date.

In 2022, the United Kingdom pledged GBP 1 billion for the Global Fund's Seventh Replenishment, covering 2023-2025. Additionally, in February 2022, the United Kingdom contributed an extra GBP 60 million to the Global Fund's COVID-19 Response Mechanism.

For the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment, covering 2020-2022, the United Kingdom pledged GBP 1.46 billion. Through the pledge, the United Kingdom matched up to GBP 100 million of investment from private sector organizations to encourage stronger private sector engagement in the fight against malaria.

Government donor ranking

As of: end 2023


Pledges and contributions

Data updated on: 16 April 2024


Total pledged

GBP 5.91 billion

Total contributed

GBP 5.5 billion

Seventh Replenishment (2023-2025)

Total pledged

GBP 1 billion

Total contributed

GBP 851.12 million

Pledges and contributions by replenishment

Contributions listed exclude technical assistance. A portion of the United Kingdom’s 2020-2022 pledge was reserved for technical assistance.

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