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Support of DOTS Expansion in China and Mongolia has started

01 May 2003

Work has already started on two important programs in China and Mongolia which will strengthen TB detection and expand TB treatment in North Asia.

The China program, worth US$ 25,370,000 over two years, will expand the World Bank/DFID TB program to eight poor provinces and provide extra resources to 625 nationally or provincially designated poor counties currently involved in the World Bank/DFID program. China, with the second highest incidence of TB worldwide will use the GF grant to support effective TB control programs using the DOTS strategy to all China.

The Mongolia program is working towards accelerating DOTS in urban and rural areas focusing on vulnerable groups including prisoners, the unemployed and the homeless. The National Centre for Communicable Diseases is working with the Mongolian Anti-Tuberculosis Association, a national NGO to train health workers and volunteers, strengthen TB detection and treatment and develop IEC materials to enhance public and health provider awareness and knowledge of TB. The Program is worth US$ 644,000 over two years.