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Lesotho becomes fourth Global Fund country to receive (RED) funds

03 April 2008

Over US$ 100 Million of (RED) Funds Already Generated for Global Fund-supported AIDS Programs in Africa

Geneva – The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria today announced that Lesotho has become the fourth country to receive funds from (PRODUCT) RED, joining Rwanda, Swaziland, and Ghana in the Global Fund-(RED) portfolio.

(RED) was launched in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver to engage business in the global fight against AIDS in Africa. (PRODUCT) RED has become one of the largest consumer-based income-generating initiatives by the private sector for an international humanitarian cause.

As the Global Fund looks to existing and new donors to finance programs globally to fight AIDS, TB and malaria, (PRODUCT) RED has become a significant new source of funds.

“In generating more than US$ 100 million for the Global Fund so far, (RED) has rapidly proved to be an effective and innovative source of private sector financing in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa,” said the Global Fund’s Executive Director, Dr Michel Kazatchkine. “We are delighted to announce the addition of Lesotho to the three countries already receiving (RED) funds. With one in four people in Lesotho infected by HIV, this country’s fight against AIDS is a fight for survival. The Global Fund-supported program is contributing to stemming the growth of AIDS in Lesotho and ensuring treatment and care for thousands of people living with the disease.”

The Global Fund selects programs for (RED) investment based on their proven track record, ambitious targets and the countries’ undisputed need. In keeping with the Global Fund's philosophy of supporting local solutions, the Global Fund-(RED) supported program in Lesotho is implemented by the Lesotho Ministry of Finance and helps fund in-country services including:

  • Antiretroviral therapy for AIDS patients
  • Prevention of mother-to-child transmission
  • Community home-based care for people living with HIV
  • Counseling and testing for HIV
  • Basic care for orphans and vulnerable children

One hundred percent of the (RED) money received by the Global Fund flows to Global Fund-financed programs, as regularly scheduled disbursements. So far US$ 57 million has been disbursed to the programs in the Global Fund-(RED) portfolio. Through these programs, (RED) funding has reached over 1.3 million people.