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Global Fund Board Meeting to Finalize New Funding Model

05 March 2014

JAKARTA, Indonesia – The Board of the Global Fund expects to make decisions at a meeting this week to launch a 21st century approach to funding with more predictability, more inclusive country dialogue and a greater impact to defeat AIDS, TB and malaria.

Led by Chair of the Board of the Global Fund, Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, who is also Indonesia's Minister of Health, the meeting will deliberate on strategic, financial and operational components of the Global Fund. Finalizing a new approach to funding, with several components of a new funding model, will be the primary focus.

"This meeting will chart our future,"said Dr. Nafsiah Mboi. "Indonesia is extremely proud to be able to play a part in this collective effort. The Global Fund is working with all partners to galvanize support for the most effective ways to defeat AIDS, TB and malaria."

Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund, said partners in many countries are seeing great progress in prevention, treatment and care for people affected by the diseases.

"We can defeat these diseases by making more strategic decisions with increased impact,"Dr. Dybul said. "The new funding model gives all of us a fuller manifestation of partnership, which is the core of our organization."

Indonesia is a key partner of the Global Fund, and Dr. Nafsiah Mboi's role as Chair of the Board is the first time that a leader from Indonesia has served in a leadership role on the Global Fund Board. The Global Fund has disbursed more than US$500 million in Indonesia to fight AIDS, TB and malaria since its inception in 2002.

At the launch of the Global Fund's Replenishment in December 2013, more than US$12.0 billion was pledged for 2014-2016, the largest amount ever, and more contributions have been announced since then.

At the Board meeting, Board Members are expected to discuss and vote on strategic, financial and operational components to enable the full rollout of the new funding model that increases impact by focusing investments in countries, and in localized areas, that need it most.

The Global Fund's Board will decide on the initial allocation amount for the 2014-2016 period, and allocation amounts will be calculated and communicated to countries in March 2014.

To enable long-term sustainability, the Global Fund is encouraging greater investment and long-term financing in countries all over the world. Significant efforts are being made by implementing countries to finance their health systems and take ownership of their programs, including Indonesia.