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Global Fund Board Moves Forward on New Funding Model

07 March 2014

JAKARTA, Indonesia – The Board of the Global Fund approved strategic, financial and operational components of a new approach to funding that offers more predictability, more flexibility, more inclusive country dialogue and a greater impact to defeat AIDS, TB and malaria.

At a meeting that concluded today, the Board approved final elements of the new funding model, opening the way for its full implementation to begin this month. Following a decision in November 2011 to adopt a new strategy to “evolve the funding model” and “invest for impact,” the Board, its Committees and Global Fund staff have spent more than two years devising, refining and preparing a transition to the new funding model, coordinating closely with partners on each step.

“We are moving forward with a model that will enable our partners to reach more people with the information and services they need,” said Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, Chair of the Board of the Global Fund. “Working with partners, we are supporting the most effective methods to defeat AIDS, TB and malaria.”

The Board approved an updated comprehensive funding policy and an initial allocation of $10.2 billion for grants during 2014-2016. Ten percent, or close to US$1 billion, will go to “incentive” funding, to encourage ambitious plans. The Board also decided to make US$300 million available for regional grants and a variety of special initiatives during 2014-2016.

With a more strategic approach based on national plans, the new funding model will support countries in planning how to control these epidemics and to provide care and treatment to people affected by them, including strengthening of health systems. The new funding model relies on strong country dialogue to bring partners together to best decide how to maximize impact, and to look at how all available resources can serve a country’s objectives.

Available funding for health interventions does not meet the full demand in many countries. The Global Fund encourages ambitious national strategic plans to defeat HIV, TB and malaria, and is aware that focusing on maximum impact can in the future achieve more than seems possible today. To enable long-term sustainability, the Global Fund is encouraging greater investment and long-term financing in countries all over the world.

The Board also approved a revised disclosure policy for the Office of the Inspector General, building further upon a policy of a high degree of transparency. The revised policy calls for publicly releasing all reports the Office of the Inspector General, including those on internal operations at the Global Fund.