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Global Fund Statement on Anti-Corruption Measures

29 April 2016

The Global Fund has zero tolerance for corruption or fraud in any programs supported by the Global Fund partnership.

The Global Fund operates with a high degree of transparency in all matters, conducts robust audits and investigations, and publishes all findings. The 2016 Aid Transparency Index rated the Global Fund in the top five of all international aid organizations.

The Global Fund did not in any way mislead U.S. officials about anti-corruption practices to retain government funding, as suggested by a Bloomberg article on 29 April 2016.

The Global Fund actively manages risk, with embedded procedures including strict controls and monitoring. When a problem is identified by a country team at the Global Fund, it is referred to the Office of the Inspector General, who independently evaluates evidence and decides how to act on it. When an investigation identifies misspent funds, the Global Fund pursues recovery, so that no donor money is lost to fraud.

The Board of the Global Fund fully supports an independent, strong and well-resourced Office of the Inspector General, upholding a high degree of transparency and ethical accountability. We cannot achieve our goals in global health without this function.

Since 2012, the work of the Office of the Inspector General has been strengthened and expanded. Its staff has grown from 27 to 47 experienced professionals.

The Global Fund, built as a partnership organization, was an early adopter of performance-based financing. Through 2014, programs supported by the Global Fund have saved 17 million lives, and are on track to reach 22 million lives by the end of 2016.