News Releases

Remembering Jo Cox

17 June 2016

Many of us at the Global Fund were devastated by the news about the tragic death of Jo Cox, a Member of Parliament in the UK, and a compelling advocate for many causes. We will never forget her. We must honor the wonderful life she lived, all the work she did to help people, and her engaging, vivacious, committed devotion to serving others. Our hearts go out to her family, and our thoughts are with them.

Those of us here at the Global Fund who knew and worked with Jo Cox remember her as a remarkable person, and a devoted public servant. She always seemed to be looking for a way to make things better. She displayed compassion, and real passion for the causes she fought for, as a Member of Parliament, on behalf of children, and for mothers in need. Those who knew her personally were often moved by her heartfelt sense of commitment.

On a dark day, it can be hard to see a flicker of light. But this is when we must stand together. Jo was not the first, and will not be the last public servant to be killed for standing up for human rights around the world. Today we must honor Jo, by turning away from hate, and by instead embracing the kind of humane efforts that she embodied, with a collective and open-armed passion for life. We must respect her devotion to treating our fellow humans with consideration and compassion.