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Luxembourg Secures Commitment to Global Fight against AIDS, TB and Malaria

15 November 2016

MONTREUX – Luxembourg today signed a multi-year contribution agreement with the Global Fund, becoming the first European donor to convert its pledge into a concrete payment schedule for the next funding cycle, starting in 2017.

Luxembourg announced its pledge of €8.1 million for 2017-2019 in May of this year. The figure represents an 8 percent increase from its previous contribution to the fund, confirming the trend set by the European Commission and inviting other donors to follow suit.

“By taking the initiative to convert its pledge into a contribution agreement, Luxembourg is providing the Global Fund partnership great assurance and predictability of funding,” said Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund. “This is essential for the day-to-day operation of organizations working to save lives and building stronger systems for health.”

“The Global Fund remains a key partner for Luxembourg Development Cooperation. Our early signing of this agreement confirms our commitment to ending the epidemics of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria,” said Romain Schneider, Minister for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Affairs.

Luxembourg is the third-largest donor to the Global Fund on a per capita basis. Its contribution is part of the Global Fund's Fifth Replenishment, which has thus far secured pledges for over US$12.9 billion for the next three years.