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Global Fund Receives Top Marks in Performance Review

15 March 2017

GENEVA – The Global Fund is an effective multilateral organization that provides strong global leadership for the response to HIV, TB and malaria, a group of leading donor countries said in a review that gave the Global Fund top marks in performance.

The evaluation by the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN), which monitors the performance of multilateral organizations, gave the Global Fund top ratings in organizational architecture, operating model and financial transparency and accountability. The assessment is here.

Published today, the assessment noted an overall strong performance by the Global Fund in all 12 of its criteria. Key strengths identified point to the Global Fund’s commitment to delivering impact and value for money: clear strategic direction and a proactive approach to innovation and change; results-based budgeting well aligned to strategy within a low operational budget; early identification of operational and financial risks; and vibrant and effective partnerships, particularly those that work with civil society and leverage private sector skills to address operational gaps.

“The overall conclusion is that the Global Fund fully meets the requirements of an effective multilateral organisation. It is fit for purpose and able to adapt to future needs,” the assessment said. It was the first time MOPAN assessed the Global Fund.

The assessment said the Global Fund delivers substantive results and recognizes that the organization has introduced significant enhancements in its operating model, leading to greater effectiveness and better use of funds. Among these reforms, the assessment mentioned the Global Fund’s new funding model introduced in 2013, the 2016 Challenging Operating Environments Policy, and the flexible and differentiated approach in investing resources that considers the context of communities and countries affected by the diseases. It cited a number of initiatives to improve data quality to track outcomes, such as ring-fenced funds to help countries improve their data systems, which will further support delivery of quality services.

It also said the Global Fund is well positioned to increase the impact from its investments. Since 2002, Global Fund-supported programs have saved more than 20 million lives. If all pledges for the 2017-2019 funding cycle are fulfilled, the number of lives saved through Global Fund-supported programs is projected to reach 36 million by the end of 2019.

“This assessment demonstrates the Global Fund partnership’s commitment to impact, value for money, innovation and private sector partnership,” said Mark Dybul, Executive Director of the Global Fund.

MOPAN was launched in 2002 as a network of like-minded donor countries for monitoring the performance of multilateral development organizations at country level. All members have a common interest in knowing more about the effectiveness of multilateral organizations, through joint assessments of these organizations, exchange of information and expertise in monitoring and evaluation.

In 2017, the Network members are: Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Republic of Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States.