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Angola: Seeking Better Pathways to Fight Epidemics

05 February 2020

Dr. Donald Kaberuka, the Chair of the Global Fund Board, visited Angola in January 2020, at the invitation of President João Manuel Gonçalves Lourenço. Dr. Kaberuka met with the president and other senior government officials to discuss important measures Angola can take to improve impact in the fight against HIV, TB and malaria in the country, where progress has stalled.

Following discussions on the historic performance of Global Fund grants in Angola, the Global Fund Secretariat and national stakeholders agreed on a series of short-term measures the government of Angola would implement to improve portfolio performance and impact. The Global Fund Secretariat and Angola signed a roadmap which outlines key interventions needed to improve the efficacy and efficiency of programs to fight HIV, TB and malaria. An audit report by Global Fund’s Office of the Inspector General on grants in Angola, expected in the coming weeks, is likely to cite specific challenges.

During his visit, Dr. Kaberuka visited various sites, including the country’s Central Medical Stores and Luanda Provincial Hopsital, where he met with health professionals on the frontlines of the fight against epidemics. He also met with key stakeholders in Angola such as civil society organizations, and bilateral partners, including the U.S. government agencies in the country.

“We must intensify our fight against HIV, TB and malaria and bend the curve of these diseases,” said Dr. Kaberuka during the visit. “The Global Fund and its partners are here to provide support to Angola, and ultimately success against the epidemics depends on political commitment from the Angolan government.  I’m more optimistic about the future of the Global Fund partnership in Angola based on our recent discussions.”

Much remains to be done to realign the investments in the fight against the three epidemics in Angola to achieve great impact. The latest engagement between the leadership of Angola and the Global Fund presents a great opportunity for a new approach to longstanding challenges.

The roadmap signed during the meeting is a first step in the right direction. It includes, among other  actions, strengthening the CCM – the committee responsible for developing and submitting a funding request to the Global Fund, and overseeing grant implementation – increasing domestic investments in heath, and greater political engagement.