Office of the Inspector General

Global Fund Grants in Angola

27 February 2020

Global Fund grants in Angola are performing poorly, with a significant increase in both mortality and morbidity across all three diseases. This is due to a combination of multiple issues, including weak country ownership, government failure to fulfill domestic commitments, unreliable data, and ineffective management structures in the Ministry of Health.

These issues have persisted since the OIG’s last audit in 2012, with limited or no progress in addressing them, raising significant strategic questions around the role of Global Fund grants in this operating environment and the need to develop new approaches to engaging with the country. There is a critical and urgent need for the Secretariat to perform an in-depth reevaluation of the Angola portfolio, including the focus of the grants, implementation modalities, the performance framework, accountability mechanisms and grant monitoring.

  • Global Fund Grants in the Republic of Angola (GF-OIG-20-003 - 27 February 2020)
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