Office of the Inspector General

Global Fund Recoveries Management Processes

17 March 2020

The Global Fund’s recoveries process, which seeks to ensure that misused funds are returned to the organization, has evolved and improved over the past five years. Structures are now in place to support the oversight and management of recoveries; a Recoveries Team has been established, serving as a liaison between the Recoveries Committee and Grant Management Country Teams, and a designated Senior Recoveries Officer appointed. Systems to record recoverable amounts have been enhanced by a Recovery Module within the Grant Operating System.

Notwithstanding these improvements, exceptions exist in the identification and notification of potential recoverable amounts, impacting the accuracy and completeness of the Global Fund’s recoveries account. Demand Letters were issued late in all the cases reviewed in the audit, representing US$2.27 million in recoveries. In addition, Demand Letters were not issued to implementers in 19% of cases reviewed by OIG. These issues are due in part to Grant Management Country Teams’ non-adherence with policies and procedures.

  • Global Fund Recoveries Management Processes (GF-OIG-20-006 - 17 March 2020)
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