Office of the Inspector General

Audit of Global Fund Capacity Building and Technical Assistance

03 April 2020

Investments in technical assistance and capacity building have proven effective in achieving Global Fund program objectives and strengthening health systems. For the 2017–2019 funding cycle, these investments represented US$839m; this is in addition to US$332m in technical assistance investments from bilateral partners. There are ongoing initiatives to improve partnership engagement, as well as to improve the management of technical assistance and capacity-building investments.

However, the Global Fund has limited control over the focus of partners’ technical assistance investments, and there is a need for stronger partnership engagement and coordination. The strategy and governance structures for guiding these investments require significant improvement, and improvements are also needed in the Global Fund’s internal processes in relation to oversight and monitoring.

  • Global Fund Capacity Building and Technical Assistance (GF-OIG-20-009 - 3 April 2020)
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