Office of the Inspector General

Audit of Emergency Preparedness

22 March 2021

In response to COVID-19, the Global Fund Secretariat instituted several measures to ensure business continuity at the corporate level and grant implementation at the country level.\

Overall, the Secretariat has continued to function well throughout the pandemic. Disbursements to countries, governance activities and key human resource functions remained stable, despite the uncertainty caused by the crisis. This was due to maturing processes at the organizational level, clear reprioritized objectives communicated by the Executive Director, active involvement of senior management in critical areas of the response, measures to keep staff safe, and the consistent availability of IT services.

The Secretariat should leverage lessons from its COVID-19 response to strengthen its emergency preparedness, adapting COVID-19 measures in developing a broader crisis response framework.

  • Emergency Preparedness (GF-OIG-21-006 - 22 March 2021)
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