Office of the Inspector General

Audit of Global Fund Grants in Ukraine

07 March 2022

Ukraine has made good progress on HIV, both in terms of linkage to treatment and viral suppression, as well as in significantly reducing infections and deaths. Domestic financing of HIV prevention services for key and vulnerable populations has increased. Implementation arrangements were adapted to ensure continued support for patients during the pandemic.

However, programmatic gaps are limiting the impact of investments. In terms of HIV, the positivity yield among key populations is low, despite the high number of clients reached and tested. For tuberculosis (TB), missing cases increased from 26% in 2019 to 45% in 2020, and drug-resistant TB cases show low treatment success rates, as well as high numbers of patients who did not start treatment or whose treatment was interrupted in the medium- or long-term.

The Ministry of Health's limited procurement and supply chain management capacity and coordination has resulted in multiple shortages and unavailability of health commodities. There is also a need for enhanced management of sub-recipients.

NB: This audit report was written before conflict in Ukraine erupted in late February 2022. The OIG will work with the Global Fund Secretariat on an ongoing basis to adapt the implementation of the Agreed Management Actions to reflect the changing risk profile.

  • Global Fund Grants in Ukraine (GF-OIG-22-002 - 7 March 2022)
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