Office of the Inspector General

Audit of Grants in South Africa

08 March 2022

South Africa has made progress in finding and diagnosing HIV patients, and in initiating them on anti-retroviral treatment. HIV and AIDS infections and related deaths have decreased each year since 2010. Regarding tuberculosis (TB), regular screening of patients for TB and COVID-19 has resulted in improved case detection, however delays in implementing key interventions are impacting both detection and access to treatment.

HIV and TB programs have managed to continue providing services during the pandemic. COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM) funds were provided in a timely manner and absorption has been high, although some key C19RM non-procurement activities have not been implemented.

There has been progress in strengthening procurement and supply chain of HIV and TB medicines, and competitive prices are being sourced for locally procured anti-retroviral and TB medicines. However, prices for HIV self-testing kits, methadone and viral load kits are high. Gaps were observed in supply chain management, including performance management of third-party logistics providers and limited monitoring of COVID-19 commodities.

  • Global Fund Grants in South Africa (GF-OIG-22-004 - 8 March 2022)
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