Office of the Inspector General

Audit of the COVID-19 Response Mechanism 2021

30 March 2022

The Global Fund’s COVID-19 Response Mechanism 2021 (C19RM 2021) has allowed countries to access significant amounts of financial support in a relatively short period of time, at a time when countries face critical funding gaps. The design of C19RM 2021 reflects the higher level of ambition and risks inherent with the significant increase in funding. Key enhancements were noted in the allocation methodology, external review process, two-tiered funding requests and broader monitoring and oversight framework.

The design and effectiveness of the approval process has been clearly strengthened compared to C19RM 2020. While the Global Fund needs to balance speed and robustness, some issues were noted around the implementation of the external review process and the handling of specific risk areas, such as oxygen support.

Monitoring and oversight of C19RM 2021 has improved considerably compared to 2020. A robust monitoring and oversight framework is providing enhanced visibility for the Secretariat and the Board. However some issues were noted in its roll-out, linked to weak controls and the use of manual processes, resulting in data inaccuracies.

Critical issues in Procurement and Supply Chain Management at both global and country level have impacted the timely use of C19RM 2020 funds, highlighting risks for C19RM 2021 investments.

  • Audit of the COVID-19 Response Mechanism 2021 (GF-OIG-22-007 - 30 March 2022)
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