TERG: Thematic Evaluation of Multicountry Catalytic Investment Grants and Strategic Initiatives

18 January 2022

In addition to country allocations, the Global Fund allocates resources for catalytic investments. This is comprised of matching funds, multicountry grants and strategic initiatives for projects and activities deemed critical to meet the aims of the our Strategy. The Technical Evaluation Reference Group (TERG), an independent evaluation advisory group that evaluates the Global Fund’s activities, evaluated the Global Fund’s multicountry grants and strategic initiatives to measure their effectiveness and ensure their contribution towards the our strategic objectives.

The objectives of the strategic initiative evaluation were to review how, and on what basis, strategic initiatives were selected and prioritized; to review their implementation and performance management arrangements; and to assess how and whether these have achieved their intended objectives and catalytic effect. The evaluation of multicountry grants focused on whether, and how, grants from this approach have contributed to achieving the strategic objectives; whether they have been effective at addressing regional, cross-border and national issues; and to what extent they have achieved their intended objectives.

The two evaluation reports drew conclusions in the following areas: selection and prioritization of grants; grant design; catalytic effect and added value; harmonization with other grants; performance measurement; value for money and management and implementation.

These conclusions, as well as the TERG position, can be read in the reports which are available below for download:

  • Technical Evaluation Reference Group: Thematic Evaluation on Multicountry Catalytic Investment Grants
  • Technical Evaluation Reference Group: Thematic Evaluation on Strategic Initiatives