20 Years – How We Changed The Story

2021 is the year the Global Fund celebrates 20 years of making the impossible possible.

Twenty years ago, AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria looked unbeatable. Year after year, the world’s deadliest epidemics were claiming millions of lives with devastating consequences for families and communities around the world, especially in poor countries.

We refused to accept that story.

The Global Fund was born out of an unwillingness to accept the status quo and its creation was a game-changing moment in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. In the last two decades, deaths from HIV have decreased by 61%, malaria by 46%, and tuberculosis by 25%. The Global Fund partnership has saved 38 million lives to date.

In honor of 20 years of impact, the Global Fund’s 20th anniversary film tells the story of the many heroes around the world who refused to accept the status quo and bravely took up the fight against HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, and changed the story.

Production company: Mallinson Television Productions (MTP); Director: Darius Norowzian; Producer: Aidan O’Mara; Executive Producer: James Heath; Agency: M&C Saatchi World Services; Tim Wild – Creative Director; Jess Feltham – Business Director; Hayley Ziepe – Programme Director; Bluebell Bonich – Account Manager; Music track name: Beautiful Life, Gui Boratto; French VO: Margaux Billard; English VO: Georgina Sutcliffe;