Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 29 January 2004

Review and Approval of Board Decision on category 2B proposals

During the 6th Board meeting, the Board took the following decision:

"The Board approves proposals in TRP category 2B, subject to the completion of TRP clarifications. This decision would become effective upon Board confirmation by email in January 2004. Meanwhile the Secretariat can proceed with resolving TRP clarifications for these proposals." 

The Board reviewed and confirmed its approval of the decision on category 2B proposals for a total amount of US$138,463,324.

The Board noted that as of january 2004, US$604 million is forecastto be available for the Fourth Call for Proposals.

The Board noted that this amount will be reducedby the aggregate amount of successful appeals of Third round decisions.

The Board noted that the total amount of funds requested in proposals submitted to the AppealsPanel following round 3 and deemed eligible for review is US$101.5million.


The text of this decision reflects the substance of the emailfrom the Secretariat requesting Board approval on this matter. The referencenumber of this decision was assigned post-factum.