Board Decisions


Approved by the Board on: 28 April 2006

Assessment of Executive Director

The Board reaffirms its commitment to the performance measurement system for the Executive Director adopted at the Ninth Board Meeting in Arusha and requests the Chair and the Vice-Chair to appoint a Performance Assessment Committee, consisting of four Board Members (or Alternates) which is tasked with:

  • concluding the 2005 Performance Report of the Executive Director in the context of the adapted procedure agreed for 2005, the Management Response to the IOS Report and the Report of the Oversight Committee;
  • implementing the full performance measurement system in respect of the Executive Director's performance objectives and targets for 2006, with particular attention to establishing a revised list of competencies against which performance will be measured;
  • compiling an interim report for the Board to be presented at the Fourteenth Board meeting in November 2006; and
  • compiling a final report for the Board to be presented at the Board meeting scheduled for April 2007.