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World Malaria Day 2022

The fight against malaria is one of humanity’s biggest public health successes, with the annual death rate from the disease dropping by nearly half over the last two decades. 

But after years of steady progress, malaria cases and deaths are on the rise. Today, a child dies of malaria every minute.

Funding has plateaued, drug and insecticide resistance is increasing, and COVID-19 has knocked us even further off track risking a resurgence of the disease and a loss of hard-won gains.

We cannot let this decline continue. This year the world has an opportunity to fight for what counts, and invest more to protect hard-won gains and get back on track to reducing malaria cases and deaths.

Krayé’s Fight: Protecting His Community and Future Generations Against Malaria

The threat of malaria and its deadly consequences has been a constant presence in Krayé Agenor’s life. He vividly remembers that as a young boy, two of his aunts died from malaria while they were pregnant.

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Niger: Fighting Malaria with Evidence and Innovation

More than 80% of malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa are in children under 5. The most effective tools to protect children from malaria are long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets and seasonal malaria chemoprevention.

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Nhin Kpă From La Rsươm, Viet Nam

Nhin Kpă has been a community health worker since 2019, working to provide essential health services to people living in a remote region of Viet Nam who are at high risk of malaria.

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El Salvador Triumphs Over Malaria

El Salvador has become the first country in Central America to be certified malaria-free. This extraordinary achievement follows more than 50 years of commitment, hard work and community involvement. Speaking from villages, riverbanks and rural clinics, frontline health workers and malaria volunteers shared stories of what it took to eliminate the deadly parasite, and how they plan to keep their country malaria-free in the long term.

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