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Denmark is the 14th largest public donor to the Global Fund. The country pledged DKK 350 million to the partnership for 2020-2022, the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment period, representing a 16.6% increase from its previous pledge. In support of the Global Fund's COVID-19 Response Mechanism (C19RM), Denmark pledged DKK 25 million in December 2020.

Government donor ranking

As of: end 2019


Pledges and contributions

Data updated on: 16 September 2021


Total pledged

DKK 2.7 billion

Total contributed

DKK 2.45 billion

Sixth Replenishment (2020-2022)

Total pledged

DKK 375 million

Total contributed

DKK 125 million

Pledges and contributions by replenishment

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Priority areas of the partnership

Support to the Global Fund is aligned to The World 2030, Denmark’s strategy for development policy and humanitarian action. The strategy aims to place Denmark at the forefront of international efforts to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights, including the fight against HIV and AIDS. The strategy underlines that Denmark’s overarching aim in international development cooperation is to fight poverty and to enhance sustainable growth and development, economic freedom, peace, stability, equality and rules-based international order.

The right to health for all is a cornerstone of Denmark’s development policy, and the Global Fund is a key partner for Denmark. It is important for Denmark that all efforts lead to a strengthening of national health systems, lead to an increased equality, and are founded on the human rights-based approach.

Danish priorities for the work of the Global Fund is defined in the Danish Organisation Strategy for the Global Fund 2017-2022. Denmark’s three priorities for the Global Fund are:

  • Promote and protect human rights and gender equality
  • Build resilient and sustainable systems for health
  • Continued institutional reform and risk management

Denmark is part of Point Seven Constituency, composed of Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg and Denmark, on the Global Fund Board. It held the constituency’s seat on the Board from April 2015 to June 2017. The Permanent Mission of Denmark to the United Nations in Geneva manages the relationship with the Global Fund.

“HIV, tuberculosis and malaria are the most deadly diseases globally, and while we see progress in many areas, some people are still being left behind – not least women and girls.

To reach the SDGs we must leave no one behind. Denmark is a strong supporter of the Global Fund and its work to reach key populations and ensure prevention and treatment of those who are often forgotten in the fight against communicable diseases.”
Rasmus Prehn, Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation (October 2019)

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