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Sweden is the eighth largest public donor to the Global Fund partnership, with contributions totaling SEK 12.86 billion to date. In November 2020, the government pledged SEK 100 million to fight COVID-19, protect progress against HIV, TB and Malaria, and reinforce sexual and reproductive health programs.

During the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment, Sweden pledged SEK 2.85 billion to the partnership for 2020-2022 – a 14% increase over the previous period.

Sweden was one of the first donors to the Global Fund. Sweden’s current Global Health Ambassador, Anders Nordström, was elected as the Global Fund’s first interim executive director at the first Board Meeting in 2002.

Sweden’s investment in Global Fund is the second-largest multilateral investment the country makes, following its support to the World Bank.

Government donor ranking

As of: end 2019


Pledges and contributions

Data updated on: 16 September 2021


Total pledged

SEK 13.81 billion

Total contributed

SEK 12.86 billion

Sixth Replenishment (2020-2022)

Total pledged

SEK 2.95 billion

Total contributed

SEK 2 billion

Pledges and contributions by replenishment

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Priority areas of the partnership

Health is a thematic priority of Sweden’s framework for development cooperation. Sweden prioritizes health promotion and preventive health programs, sustainable health care systems and early warning systems for communicable diseases.

The Swedish government renewed its support for and cooperation with the Global Fund with an updated strategy for 2019-2023. The strategy entails cooperation on achieving the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, equal health, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. The shared objective is to stop the epidemics, contribute to more sustainable health systems in countries and ensure that all people enjoy their basic human rights and gender equality.

The Global Fund plays an important strategic role in Sweden's contribution to 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“In recent years, we have seen a tougher climate and dwindling interest in women’s rights, and particularly sexual and reproductive rights. For this reason, Sweden’s contribution to the Global Fund is particularly important.

Through this increased contribution, Sweden will remain a strong donor to global action for health. And with this, we will also have increased expectations and demands that the Global Fund will deliver in Sweden’s priority areas, including preventive efforts, equitable health, human rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights.”
Peter Eriksson, Sweden’s Minister for International Development Cooperation

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