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    Global Fund Appoints Peter Sands as Executive Director
    14 November 2017
    The Board of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria today appointed a new Executive Director: Peter Sands, a former chief executive of Standard Chartered Bank who after a distinguished career in banking immersed himself in a range of global public health projects.
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    Malawi Accelerating Progress against HIV, TB and Malaria
    09 November 2017
    Malawi and the Global Fund strengthened their partnership by signing four grants today worth a total of US$460 million. The funds seek to expand interventions for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, including efforts to reach more than 800,000 people in Malawi with treatment for HIV by 2020.
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    Global Fund Names Finalist Candidates for Executive Director
    23 October 2017
    The Global Fund Board named four finalist candidates for Executive Director, and is scheduled to select one at a Board meeting on 14 November 2017.
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    Global Fund and The Union Deepen Partnership to Fight TB
    11 October 2017
    The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the International Union against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, also known as The Union, announced a partnership agreement to deepen their shared commitment to end tuberculosis as an epidemic.
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    Partners Launch Global Effort to Find Missing Cases of TB
    09 October 2017
    Global health partners and implementers from 13 countries with a high burden of tuberculosis launched an ambitious program to find and treat an additional 1.5 million missing cases of TB by the end of 2019. The new initiative is critically important to stopping the spread of TB and to reaching the global goal of ending TB as an epidemic by 2030.
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    Global Fund Partnership has Saved 22 Million Lives
    13 September 2017
    Programs supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria have saved 22 million lives, according to a report released today. The report also shows significant increases in the number of people receiving treatment for HIV, diagnosis and treatment for TB and having an insecticide treated net to prevent malaria.