Filling Critical Gaps

Global Fund financing makes significant impact against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in more than 100 countries, saving millions of lives every year. But that funding alone is not enough to end the epidemics. Critical gaps remain. Our innovative Register of Unfunded Quality Demand invites donors to contribute resources to fill these gaps, bringing the world closer to ending the epidemics.

When countries submit funding applications to the Global Fund, they are encouraged to include more health investments than can be funded through the Global Fund alone. This prioritized request for funding above their allocation is evaluated by the Technical Review Panel, and the strategically important programs for which there is no immediate funding are registered as “unfunded quality demand”.

Should funding become available in the future, such as from government, private sector or nongovernment donors, the unfunded quality demand can be easily and efficiently identified and funded.


The register is designed for potential donors to easily identify areas of need for possible funding. It is an Excel tool that can be searched and analyzed by region, country, component and intervention:

  • 2020-2022 Register of Unfunded Quality Demand
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The register is published quarterly, if there are new entries.

Interested donors can contact the Global Fund’s Private Sector Engagement team () to engage in more detailed discussions.