Solima and her Son Shahid: A Rohingya Refugee’s Story

21 September 2018

“I remember that day very clearly because we did not celebrate Eid. We fled the village in our home in Myanmar just before the evening prayers. We left with no belongings, we only took the children. We did not even close the door of our house.”

“They take good care of us in the camp. I want my children to grow up and become good human beings.”

“Shahid had coughs in the village. After we fled his condition got worse and he lost a lot of weight. A community health worker came to our tent and did some tests. They found he had tuberculosis. He finished his medicine three days ago. I am very happy that my son is now cured. He has gained weight and the cough has disappeared.”

"We are poor and we have no resources, but I want my children to be educated and go to school. I want my children to be decent human beings when they grow up.”

“I like to play football with my friends.”
- Shahid Kham, Solima’s 7-year-old son

“My favorite game is ludo (a board game that is very popular among children in the refugee camps). I play ludo with my friends in the children’s spaces of the camp. I have three new friends. We also play football with the other children in the camp and I go to the school.”