• 20 April 2022
    Krayé’s Fight: Protecting His Community and Future Generations Against Malaria
    The threat of malaria and its deadly consequences has been a constant presence in Krayé Agenor’s life. He vividly remembers that as a young boy, two of his aunts died from malaria while they were pregnant.
  • 23 March 2022
    Asad’s Fight: Surviving Tuberculosis Under the Threat of COVID-19
    Asad says the three most important things in his life are supporting his beloved wife, caring for his mother and having good health. But after COVID-19 hit, there were times when all three were out of reach.
  • 07 March 2022
    Celebrating Women Who Fight For What Counts
    Around the world, the work of the Global Fund is mainly led by women – they are on the front lines identifying and fighting disease outbreaks, providing vital health services, ensuring essential supplies reach those most in need, advocating for equal...
  • 21 February 2022
    Carolyne’s Fight: Ending HIV and Gender-Based Violence
    Carolyne says the impact her work has on the lives of young women and girls in her community motivates her every day. “What I love about my job is that I'm able to change lives. I can't change all of them, but there are a few individuals that I can ...
  • 17 February 2022
    Dr. Jayanthi Shastri From Mumbai, India
    Dr. Jayanthi Shastri leads a team of 53 doctors, paramedics and support staff at the Nair Hospital microbiology unit in Mumbai, India. She has been on the front line fighting infectious disease for 37 years. Like many health care workers, the COVID-1...
  • 17 February 2022
    Zambia: Solar Power Fuels Better Health
    Health facilities need power. Clinics, maternity wards, operating rooms, medical warehouses and laboratories all rely on electricity to function and provide lifesaving health care. But in remote regions of the world, particularly in sub-Saharan Afric...
  • 17 February 2022
    Kamate Muhindo From Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo
    Kamate Muhindo is head nurse at the Majengo Marie Health Center in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Throughout his 20-year career, Kamate has worked in locations across the country and now manages a team of 15. He says he was inspired to...
  • 17 February 2022
    Niger: Fighting Malaria with Evidence and Innovation
    More than 80% of malaria deaths in sub-Saharan Africa are in children under 5. The most effective tools to protect children from malaria are long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets and seasonal malaria chemoprevention.
  • 11 February 2022
    Nhin Kpă From La Rsươm, Viet Nam
    Nhin Kpă has been a community health worker since 2019, working to provide essential health services to people living in a remote region of Viet Nam who are at high risk of malaria.
  • 11 February 2022
    Djibouti: Women-run Mobile Brigades Fight HIV and COVID-19 Together
    In Djibouti, people living with HIV often face stigma and discrimination. These barriers can prevent people – particularly women – from getting the treatment and testing services that they need.