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  • 03 April 2023
    Grant-making for the Next Funding Cycle
    It is never too early to start preparing the translation of the funding request into a grant. This process is called grant-making and is defined by Principal Recipients (PRs) and Country Teams working together to design a grant, with support from Cou...
  • 23 March 2023
    Operational Update on C19RM Funding, GC7 Grant-making and E-learning Courses
    Materials to support eligible applicants with their C19RM funding requests are now available, including the C19RM funding request form , the C19RM Technical Information Note and the C19RM Modular Framework. Applicants can submit their applications on...
  • 20 March 2023
    Strategic Review 2023
    The Evaluation and Learning Office (ELO) of the Global Fund, with guidance and oversight by its Independent Evaluation Panel (IEP), will commission an end-term evaluation of the Global Fund’s 2017-2022 Strategy.
  • 08 March 2023
    Updated Grant Budgeting Guidelines and Templates
    In preparation for the Grant Cycle 7 (GC7), the following Grant Budgeting resources are updated and available
  • 08 March 2023
    Updated Health Product Management Template
    The Health Product Management Template (HPMT) has been updated for the 2023-2025 allocation period. The updated version replaces the template used in the 2020-2022 allocation period.
  • 09 February 2023
    New Funding to Strengthen Health Systems and Pandemic Preparedness
    Countries that have evolved or are evolving their COVID-19 pandemic response into longer term investments to strengthen systems for health and pandemic preparedness can consider applying for C19RM Portfolio Optimization (PO) Wave 2.
  • 09 February 2023
    Safe Services in South Africa
    People will not seek out the services that they need if they do not feel safe when receiving those services. How can Global Fund-supported programs design and deliver services so as to best protect beneficiaries from the risk of sexual exploitation, ...
  • 09 February 2023
    Operational Update on GC7, Strengthening Systems for Health and Pandemic Preparedness, and the New Pandemic Fund
    To support countries in the coordination and alignment of funding applications, an Operational Update was shared with CCMs and PRs on how the Global Fund can support countries to minimize extra work when accessing funding from C19RM through Portfolio...
  • 09 February 2023
    Additional Funding From C19RM and the New Pandemic Fund
    The new Pandemic Fund, hosted by the World Bank, was recently launched to support pandemic preparedness efforts in countries that the Global Fund supports.
  • 18 January 2023
    2023-2025 Allocations Now Available
    The Global Fund allocates funding to countries to support HIV, TB and malaria programs and to build resilient and sustainable systems for health.