The Board of the Global Fund has three committees that serve to provide expertise in specific subject areas.


Each committee has delegated authority from the Board to perform decision-making, advisory and oversight in their specific areas. Coordination of the work of the committees and the Board is managed by the Coordinating Group. Each committee's charter is available below for download.

Audit and Finance Committee

Its role is to ensure optimal performance of the corporate and financial operations of the Global Fund. It:

  • Provides oversight of the financial management of the Global Fund’s resources
  • Provides oversight of the internal and external audit functions
  • Oversees the investigation functions of the Global Fund
Ethics and Governance Committee

This committee ensures that the Global Fund and its stakeholders adhere to appropriate standards of ethical behavior. It:

  • Oversees implementation of the procedures and operations related to the Global Fund’s governance structure and its core governance functions

While EGC members are nominated by Global Fund constituencies, they serve in their personal capacity.

Strategy Committee

Its purpose is to:

  • Provide oversight of the strategic direction of the Global Fund
  • Ensure the optimal impact and performance of its investments in health


Committee members are drawn from the membership of the constituencies that make up the Board. The Board Member, the Alternate, or any other member of the constituency can serve on any of the committees. Committee members serve for a term of two years.

Selection of committee membership is the responsibility of the Coordinating Group. Every two years, the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board will solicit nominations from the constituencies and, together with the rest of the Coordinating Group, will appoint committee members, ensuring a balance between donor countries, implementing countries, civil society, the private sector and foundations.

Audit and Finance Committee
  • Edward Ouko (Chair)
  • Sylvie Chantereau (Vice-Chair)
  • Revanta Dharmarajah, Developed Country NGO
  • Andriy Klepikov, Developing Country NGO
  • Sara Mohammed Osman, Eastern Mediterranean Region
  • Birgitte Hagelund, European Commission, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Spain
  • Hiroshi Matsumura ,Japan
  • Andreas Karlberg Pettersen, Point Seven
  • Greg Ferrante, Private Foundations
  • Erika Satterwhite, Private Sector
  • Rai Mahimapat Ray, South East Asia
  • Michael Ruffner, United States
  • Daniel Domelevo, West and Central Africa
  • Jiayan Huang, Western Pacific Region
  • Aisha AlKuwari, Additional Public Donors
  • Alexandru Chitic Patapievici, World Bank
  • Diana Isiye, Independent Member
  • Robert Samels, Independent Member
Ethics and Governance Committee
  • Paul Schaper (Chair)
  • Magda Robalo (Vice-Chair)
  • Erika Castellanos, Communities
  • Edellin Calixte Randriamiandrisoa, Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Miso Pejkovic, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Mohamed Chakroun, Eastern Mediterranean Region
  • Sarah Burwood, France
  • Annette Chammas, Germany
  • Roisin Fegan, United Kingdom
  • Mohammad Kisubi, Independent Member
Strategy Committee
  • Julia Martin (Chair)
  • Carolyn Gomes (Vice-Chair)
  • Timothy Poletti, Canada, Switzerland and Australia
  • Javier Luis Hourcade Bellocq, Communities
  • Gerald Gwinji, Eastern and Southern Africa
  • Tonka Varleva, Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Stéphanie Seydoux, France
  • Birgit Pickel, Germany
  • Massimo Ghidinelli, Latin America and Caribbean
  • Hampus Holmer, Point Seven
  • Sherwin Charles, Private Sector
  • Sarah Boulton, United Kingdom
  • Oumar Mele Djalo Boukou, West and Central Africa
  • Jim Tulloch, Western Pacific Region
  • Melanie Renshaw, Partners
  • Victor Bampoe, UNAIDS
  • Mubashar Sheikh, WHO
  • Cindy Carlson, TERG Chair
  • Jabulani Nyenwa, TRP Chair

Upcoming meetings

Meeting Date
19th Strategy Committee meetings 6-7 July 2022
19th Audit and Finance Committee meetings 6-7 July 2022
19th Ethics and Governance Committee meetings 6-7 July 2022
20th Ethics and Governance Committee meetings 10-11 October 2022
20th Strategy Committee meetings 11-12 October 2022
20th Audit and Finance Committee meetings 13-14 October 2022