Office of the Inspector General

Follow-Up Audit of Global Fund Key Performance Indicator Framework

27 March 2019

Since 2004, when the Global Fund’s first Key Performance Indicator Framework was established, the organization’s measurement focus has shifted away from project-level goals, towards mission and impact: building a sustainable response to ending the epidemics. In June 2016, the Global Fund Board approved a KPI Framework to measure progress against the 2017 – 2022 Strategy. Developed in consultation with key stakeholders, its design incorporated recommendations from Board-appointed advisory groups, the Technical Evaluation Reference Group, and relevant audits of the Office of Inspector General.

Overall, improvements have been noted in the development and approval process for the KPI framework. KPI reporting has improved, with the majority of the KPIs being reported in 2018, enabling oversight of KPI results by the Board and its Committees.

The Secretariat has enhanced its processes for collecting data, calculating KPIs and reporting results. These include the use of process maps to formalize data sources, methodologies for calculating KPIs, and the automated collection of data for certain KPIs. Isolated control weaknesses exist however in data collection and in aggregation processes for some KPIs, resulting in inaccurate results. These inaccuracies were immaterial and mainly self-identified by the KPI team or KPI focal point, and corrected in subsequent reports; as a result, the KPI results reported to the Board under the 2017 – 2022 framework are materially aligned with the Secretariat’s underlying performance data.

Despite improvements in the process to develop KPIs, there are limitations in the design of some of the Board-approved indicators. This has led to varying degrees of maturity in how KPIs are used in the organisation to assess performance, course correct on a timely basis, and drive accountability to the individual level.

  • The Global Fund’s Key Performance Indicator Framework Follow-up Audit (GF-OIG-19-008 - 27 March 2019)
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