Executive Committees

The work of the Global Fund Secretariat covers a wide range of functions and skills. In order to benefit from the combined expertise and knowledge of staff from across the organization, there are a number of functional committees. These include:

Management Executive Committee

Headed by the executive director, this committee reviews operational matters, prepares issues or decisions for presentation to the Global Fund Board and develops policy.

Grant Approvals Committee

This committee makes funding recommendations to the Board.

Policy Committee

Chaired by the executive director, this committee develops recommendations for changes in policy related to the operations of the Global Fund.

Operational Risk Committee

Headed by the Grant Management Division head and the chief risk officer, this committee evaluates risk within the Global Fund grant portfolio and also manages the process of recovering funds from implementers where necessary.

Executive Grant Management Committee

This committee oversees grant management and the development of operational policies and approaches to support the work of implementing countries.