Staff & Organization

Organizational Structure

The Global Fund Secretariat is responsible for:

  • Day-to-day operations
  • Providing support to implementers
  • The implementation of Global Fund strategies and policies
  • Fundraising and relationships with donors

The Secretariat includes approximately 700 staff, who are all based at our offices in Geneva. The Global Fund has no offices in countries.

We are organized into a number of different teams. Although the largest department (in terms of number of staff) is the Grant Management Division, all areas have a key role to play in supporting our efforts to serve the men, women and children living with the diseases.

The Office of the Inspector General is entirely independent of the Secretariat, although both offices are in the same location. The Inspector General reports directly to the Global Fund Board, as does the executive director.

The Office of the Inspector General conducts audits and investigations of Global Fund-supported programs and responds to allegations of fraud, abuse or human rights violations in those programs.