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2018: A Look Back

As the calendar page turns, we look back on some of the stories and moments that shaped 2018. Celebrating the 27 million lives saved. Honoring those we have lost. Amplifying the voices of people and communities most affected by the epidemics. Welcoming new leadership and partnerships. And accelerating investment and innovation to achieve a future free of the burden of HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria.

Global Fund Launches HER

Every day nearly 1,000 girls and young women are infected with HIV. The HER Initiative brings together private sector partners to scale up prevention programs that put young women and girls’ voices first.

Global Fund Appoints Peter Sands as Executive Director

“Together, we have the opportunity to make humanity much safer from the threat of infectious disease. In most cases, we already have tools and strategies that work. We should lift our game, strengthen our execution and collaborate more effectively.” - Peter Sands, Executive Director

In Peter’s words.

On the March to End Malaria

In Niger, everyday heroes like Hannatou Abdou have made the war against malaria their life mission. During the rainy season, when the disease strikes the most, she meets families to dispense seasonal malaria chemoprevention – a preventive medicine to protect young children from the disease.

France to Host Global Fund Replenishment Conference

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomes the 2019 Global Fund Replenishment Conference to France in October 2019.

Read about it.

Paraguay Eliminates Malaria, Sets Example for the Region

“The certification of Paraguay’s elimination of malaria is a recognition of more than five decades of hard work.” - Dr. Carlos Ignacio Morínigo Aguilera, Minister of Health, Paraguay

Learn more.

AIDS 2018 – Breaking Barriers. Building Bridges.

The AIDS 2018 Conference theme “Breaking Barriers. Building Bridges” is at the heart of the Global Fund’s determination to break the barriers that impede access to care and build the partnerships that will end the epidemic.

Remembering Kofi Annan

No one contributed more to the creation and ongoing support of the Global Fund than Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. Annan died in Switzerland on 18 August 2018.

Remember his legacy.

Results: 27 Million Lives Saved

At its core the Global Fund is about ending epidemics to save lives. Through sustained investment, continued innovation and a relentless focus on impact, the Global Fund partnership has saved 27 million lives.

Faces of the Fight

2018 was the year of action against tuberculosis. More people die of TB than of any other infectious disease. TB touches real people and communities around the globe. These are the faces of the fight.

See the faces.

World AIDS Day: South Africa

On World AIDS Day, the Global Fund visited South Africa to remember those we have lost, celebrate the tremendous progress we have made, and commit US$369 million to build on South Africa’s progress against HIV.

Apps, Stats, and Good Dogs – Our Favorite Reads for 2018

From innovative malaria-detecting apps, to history lessons on tuberculosis, here are a few inspiring, insightful, and amusing favorites that you may have missed.

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Published: 18 December 2018