• 05 July 2017
    When Musa Bobson found out last summer he was HIV positive, he thought his world had ended. Social attitudes toward men who have sex with men in Sierra Leone are loaded with stigma and discrimination, so the 25-year old felt lost and afraid. Many men...
  • 15 June 2017
    HIV Prevention Through RISE Young Women's Clubs in South Africa
    In 2015 alone, 100,000 South African girls aged 15-24 were infected with HIV, compared with 42,000 boys. Soul City Institute for Social Justice created RISE Young Women's Clubs to help shrink these catastrophic numbers.
  • 18 May 2017
    In Sierra Leone, A Haven for Vulnerable Young Women
    Josephina Akamarg was 4 years old when she became an orphan. Raised by her elderly grandmother in a poor household in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital, Josephina often skipped school until one day she ran away from home. With no parental support and ...
  • 24 April 2017
    World Malaria Day 2017: The Beginning of the End
    The theme for this year’s World Malaria Day – End Malaria for Good – says it all. Malaria is preventable and curable; we must now commit that no one should die for want of a $3 mosquito net or three days’ worth of medicine.
  • 24 April 2017
    The Edge of Elimination
    You won’t find the village of Bus Saam on most maps. Nor the earthen tracks that lead to this collection of wooden homes surrounded by sorghum and rice fields in western Cambodia. When the rainy season comes and dissolves the dirt roads into deep, st...
  • 04 April 2017
    “This needs to stop”: Gender-based Violence in Cape Town
    “When the rape occurred, I just thought that my whole world was falling apart. Everything was just going downhill for me,” says Samara, a poised, soft-spoken working mother of three. “I realized I wasn’t going to be able to cope with this alone.”
  • 20 March 2017
    World TB Day: Tracking a Contagion
    How do you stop lethal bacteria from devastating the most vulnerable communities? On World TB Day, we shine a light on urgent efforts needed to find the “missing cases” of tuberculosis – millions of people that go undiagnosed, untreated or unreported...
  • 20 February 2017
    Rebuilding Health Care in the Shadow of Ebola
    Sierra Leone, a low-income country, was recovering from the effects of a civil war when the Ebola virus erupted in 2014. The disease decimated communities and devastated the country’s already fragile health infrastructure.
  • 07 February 2017
    Niger: Fighting Malaria To Save Children
  • 31 January 2017