Grants in the Making

16 December 2020

Even with an incredibly challenging 2020, the Global Fund expects to sign over 150 grants with Principal Recipients by the end of the year, representing approximately US$8.7 billion in allocation funds and almost US$400 million in matching funds and multi-country funds. These grants represent 65 different portfolios and will start implementation in January 2021.

“We expect these grants to be Board-approved by the end of December,” said Mark Edington, Head of the Grant Management Division. “I’m very pleased by what we have achieved together this year and we owe it to the extraordinary effort of everyone involved. Really remarkable achievements during a global pandemic.”

A further US$3.9 billion in allocation funds will be transformed into grants starting in 2021 or in 2022, of which US$2.6 billion have already been reviewed by the Technical Review Panel (TRP). An additional US$1.3 billion in 56 funding requests will be reviewed by the TRP in 2021.

When closing this edition, 87 grants amounting to approximately US$4.7 billion had been signed.