New Global Fund Tools to Oversee Grant Investments

02 September 2021

Operational Update on New Tools to Oversee Grant Investments, Accelerating Procurement under C19RM, and other updates
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Effective implementation and oversight of grants are key to deliver on targets set for the three diseases and to continue to fight COVID-19. For this purpose, the Global Fund is introducing two new tools to strengthen how it oversees investments: Pulse Checks and Supply Chain and Health Services Spot Checks. These two new and complementary oversight tools are intended to gather data that will allow the Global Fund to anticipate issues, unblock bottlenecks and course-correct to solve problems collectively with our implementing countries and partners.

The already existing C19RM Procurement Progress Reporting Template complements the information gathered through Pulse Checks and Health Services Spot Checks.

The two new tools are being rolled-out for High Impact and Core portfolios* in September/October. Information will be collected throughout October.

Pulse Checks and Supply Chain and Health Services Spot Checks are part of a broader effort to strengthen operational oversight of Global Fund investments in HIV, TB, malaria and COVID-19, including improving our understanding of how COVID-19 Response Mechanism investments contribute to mitigating COVID-19 related disruptions.

For more information on the new tools, see the Operational Update shared with CCMs, PRs and LFA’s on top of this page:

  • Pulse Checks: for High Impact and Core Portfolios to be submitted by 31 October.
  • Grant Entity Data (GED) for Pulse Checks to be submitted by 9 September.
  • Supply Chain and Health Services Spot Checks: for a set of 45 countries will start on 1 October.