Operational Update on GC7, Strengthening Systems for Health and Pandemic Preparedness, and the New Pandemic Fund

09 February 2023

GC7, Strengthening Systems for Health and Pandemic Preparedness, and the New Pandemic Fund - Operational Update
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To support countries in the coordination and alignment of funding applications, an Operational Update was shared with CCMs and PRs on how the Global Fund can support countries to minimize extra work when accessing funding from C19RM through Portfolio Optimization Wave 2 and the new Pandemic Fund. This will allow countries to maximize alignment and synergies across pandemic preparedness investments.

Please note that important aspects of the Pandemic Fund process remain to be clarified. To inform how the Global Fund will work with the Pandemic Fund to support countries, countries were requested to indicate their interest in working with the Global Fund as an “Implementing Entity” (co-investor) for the Pandemic Fund. This is particularly important given the overlapping areas of investment for both organizations, and due to the fact that the extent and nature of countries’ interest will inform future decisions by both the Global Fund and the Pandemic Fund. To help guide countries’ decisions, the below update was shared for each funding source:

C19RM: Portfolio Optimization Wave 1 awarded US$547 million to 40 countries. The Global Fund is now launching Wave 2, to award an additional US$320 million. Priority will be given to countries that 1) did not get funding during Wave 1, 2) have a compelling need to strengthen critical health systems components contributing to pandemic preparedness, and 3) have limited opportunities to reinvest C19RM awards already provided.

New Pandemic Fund: In addition, countries have the opportunity to access a portion of the available total of approximately US$300 million in new funding, in collaboration with the Global Fund, which has been designated as one of the Pandemic Fund’s “Implementing Entities”. Note that this terminology does not mean the Global Fund will act as an implementer – it will play the role it normally does. The Operational Update describes how countries can choose to apply for Pandemic Fund resources in collaboration with the Global Fund, and the related advantages of this. Countries can also choose to work with any other approved Implementing Entity.

GC7 information sessions: During the week of 27 February, the Global Fund will be hosting new information sessions to support applicants in the preparation of quality applications for GC7 Windows 1 (20 March) and 2 (30 May). These will include guidance on how to maximize the complementarity of GC7 funding requests, as well as requests for additional funding from C19RM and the Pandemic Fund.