• 22 February 2021
    Country dialogue during the pandemic: Indonesia shows the virtual way
    How can country dialogues occur during the COVID-19 pandemic when most in-person meetings are prohibited? Can they take place virtually and still be inclusive, representative and most importantly, impactful? Indonesia shows the virtual way.
  • 12 February 2021
    Meet A Very Humble Hero
    The condom is a three-time hero. It is the only contraceptive that fights HIV, sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancies. The Global Fund and UNFPA ensure condom availability worldwide as the largest public sector procurers – shippin...
  • 02 February 2021
    Loud and Clear: Community and Civil Society Voices in the 6th Global Fund Partnership Forum
    Community and civil society voices are a critical part of the Global Fund partnership. During the 6th Partnership Forums, civil society and community members from around the world answered the question, “What is my wish for the next Global Fund strat...
  • 01 February 2021
    Support the Global Fund and Unite to Fight COVID-19
    To play our part in the global fight against COVID-19, we urgently require at least $5 billion to cover the most urgent needs. In low- and middle-income countries, the knock-on effects of COVID-19 are creating a perfect storm.
  • 30 November 2020
    A Doctor’s Plea from the Frontline: “It’s time we all made a stand”
    Dr. Zolelwa Sifumba of South Africa, a TB and COVID-19 survivor herself, talks about the challenges of providing care and fighting infectious diseases during the COVID-19 pandemic. “COVID-19 not only takes lives, but is causing losses from various pr...
  • 05 November 2020
    It All Starts with Testing
    In the fight against COVID-19, it all starts with testing. Today, testing is the only effective tool for containing the pandemic to save lives and allow economies to reopen safely. Tomorrow, it will be needed to enable the success of global vaccinati...
  • 14 September 2020
    Nombasa’s Fight Against HIV, TB and COVID-19
    Nombasa Krune-Dumile is a front-line health worker living with HIV in Cape Town, South Africa. After beating tuberculosis and COVID-19, she is back in the trenches, helping others overcome all three diseases. Nombasa has an urgent appeal to governmen...
  • 14 September 2020
    The Stakes Could Not Be Higher: Peter Sands on the Global Fund’s 2020 Results
    The Global Fund partnership has saved 38 million lives since 2002 – including 6 million lives in 2019 alone. Last year, more people were receiving lifesaving treatment for HIV, TB and malaria than ever before. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and ever...
  • 27 August 2020
    COVID-19 Response: Preventing Fraud and Abuse
    The COVID-19 pandemic is leaving Global Fund programs more vulnerable to wrongdoing. The Global Fund Office of the Inspector General introduces a number of common fraud schemes and provides guidance on how to prevent fraud and abuse.
  • 19 August 2020
    The Fight Continues Against Tuberculosis
    The COVID-19 pandemic is having a catastrophic impact on the most vulnerable communities around the world and threatens progress against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. As the world responds, the work of the Global Fund partnership continues. Communit...