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No matter their position, Global Fund staff work to accelerate and unite the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Directly advancing the Global Fund’s record of extraordinary impact, staff manage grants, coordinate with partners, support countries, monitor and evaluate results, report on progress, manage donor relationships and raise funds.

Working at the Global Fund is challenging, exciting, rewarding and unique. Our work environment in Geneva, Switzerland, is dynamic, innovative, results oriented, fast moving and vibrant. It provides a fully international experience, with staff representing more than 110 nationalities from a wide variety of professional backgrounds. Learn more about us on our LinkedIn page:

What are we looking for?

We are looking for people who:

  • Are service oriented, adaptable and highly driven to bring positive change to the world
  • Enjoy working collaboratively with people from many cultures and backgrounds with strong stakeholder management skills
  • Have a variety of work experiences, including in the public and private sectors
  • Demonstrate a high level of skill in their area of expertise
  • Are fluent in English

What do we offer?

The Global Fund is committed to providing a high level of employee satisfaction and helping employees to strive for excellence in everything they do. The Global Fund provides competitive compensation and benefits, opportunities for development and other professional training, and support for employees with families. Please consult the Benefits & Allowances page for more detailed information.

What kinds of jobs are there?

Approximately half of staff are involved in managing the Global Fund’s grant portfolio. This involves working directly with government partners, technical partners, civil society organizations and implementers at the ground level. The work is done through Country Teams, each of which focuses on one or more countries and each of which includes a procurement expert, a monitoring and evaluation expert, a legal expert, a finance specialist and a grant manager, as well as administrative support.

Working with donors and other stakeholders are key functions at the Global Fund. The External Relations and Communications Division focuses efforts on managing relationships with existing donors – whether government, private sector or foundations – as well as seeking out new ones. In addition, they spearhead the organization’s fundraising efforts, known as replenishment, support our partners with communications materials and data, as well as organize events central to the Global Fund’s mission.

The Strategy, Investment and Impact Division works closely with technical partners, assesses and compiles results, provides leadership on disease expertise and community, rights and gender, as well as overseeing monitoring and evaluation.

Supporting these functions are the Finance and Administration Division, the Supply Operations team, the IT team, the Human Resources team, the Risk Management team, the Strategy and Policy team and the Legal and Governance team.

The Office of the Inspector General is independent of the Global Fund Secretariat and reports directly to the Board through its Audit and Ethics Committee. It safeguards the assets, investments, reputation and sustainability of the Global Fund by ensuring that it takes the right action to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria as epidemics.

For more information, see our Staff Overview and Organizational Structure pages.

The Global Fund does not have country offices and all staff are based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Your Application

If you decide to apply to the Global Fund, look closely at the vacancy notice. In addition to the technical elements of the job, you should also fully understand the key competencies/person specifications we are looking for. A one-page cover letter must accompany all applications.

Carte de légitimation

When an employee joins the Global Fund, the organization will obtain for them from the Swiss government a “carte de légitimation,” which is a special authorization to live and work in Switzerland that is only granted to employees of international organizations. This authorization is only for the period that the person has an employment contract with the Global Fund. A person already residing or working in Switzerland and in possession of a Swiss working permit (type B, C, L or G) must hand in the permit in exchange for a carte de légitimation in order to work at the Global Fund.

Swiss employees of the Global Fund generally have the possibility of voluntarily contributing to social insurances (AVS, AI, APG) and unemployment insurance (AC), or AC only.