Quality Assessment Framework

At the end of the evaluation process, the Independent Evaluation Panel (IEP) must decide whether to endorse an evaluation. The IEP interprets endorsement to mean that the Panel is confident that decision makers should seriously consider the evaluation findings and recommendations. The IEP will endorse the final evaluation report if it meets expectations for quality and independence, as indicated in the framework below. The decision on endorsement is taken by the Panel as a whole, based on pre-specified criteria and inputs collected throughout the evaluation lifecycle.

To promote transparent and consistent application of criteria, a Quality Assessment Frameworkdownload in English ] (QAF) will be used by all focal points to review evaluation reports. The QAF, which was designed by the IEP with support from the Evaluation and Learning Office (ELO), is intended to be substantively aligned to United Nations Evaluation Group (UNEG) standards for evaluation reports and tailored to the Global Fund's needs.